The future of soil health intelligence

P.E.S. Technologies is precision soil testing, providing the most advanced, on-demand, in-field analysis in soil health.


Farmers and agronomists can now make commercial decisions based on a new level of soil health data that is both cost-efficient and promotes sustainable farming.

This break-through innovation uniquely analyses soil gases creating a GPS logged, precise location of the status of soil health.

Our proven technology uses a high-level security encryption process to precisely interpret the results of the soil analysis. Ensuring confidentiality and technological protection.

Commercial trials are underway across a wide range of industry, trade, and international customers with our handheld device. The results are available in-field within 5 minutes.

Soil Health Sensor

A soil sample is inserted into our handheld sensor, which uses a single-use test strip to detect the gases given off by it. The device connects via Bluetooth to a user’s smartphone, from which a suite of software packages can be used to analyse the data on the go.